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Saturday, 30 January 2016

My top three most worn nail polishes with DIY shellac at home

Today I would like to share my three most worn nail polishes. Now you might be saying hang on a minute these are shellac polishes, I can't afford to go and get my nails done all the time. Here is where I tell you- you can!
I love having painted nails but I hate having to repaint them every few days because of chips. These beauties last for two weeks and do not chip. I remove them after two weeks as they grow out with my nail or occasionally one nail polish might peel off completely.

Cost comparison of nail polishes:

OPI £11.50 RRP
Butter London £12- 15 RRP
Zoya £9.95 RRP
Essie £10.95 RRP
Smith and cult £19 RRP
CND Shellac £11-16 (Depending on colour)

Now I know there are plenty of drugstore polishes cheaper than this but if you compare the CND to the prices above, I honestly think it is worth it as they last so much longer and look much better. They have a beautiful shine and I constantly get complimented on my nails.

I did a shellac at home post where I listed all the kit you need to start you off- a perfect birthday gift and once you have the lamp (£18.99), prep wipe and remover (£12) and base and top coats (£22.95) you are good to go!

You can read that blogpost all about how to DIY shellac at home here. I also recommend where to buy your shellac polishes from as I have quite a collection now and the seller has been great on amazon. There are also lots of swatches of different polishes if you want to see what they look like.

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