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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

My current skincare favourites

It's 2016 and time for an updated skincare routine. Here are all the items I use on a regular basis:

Every day
In the evening, I start by removing the majority of my makeup using cotton pads and the Sephora micellar water. I picked this up last time I went to Spain and I really enjoy using it. It removes even the most stubborn eye makeup. Once I have removed most of my makeup I use the Oskia renaissance cleansing gel or the Espa Cleansing milk. I've enjoyed using the Oskia cleanser for a while now, it has a gel like texture that turns to an oil when you massage it into the face, I then remove this with a warm muslin cloth. 
I had a facial recently at an Espa spa and I ended up going away with two products. The hydrating cleansing milk and the refining skin polish. I tend to use the cleansing milk on no makeup/minimal makeup days when I want to switch from the Oskia gel, this has a milky texture, much lighter than the Oskia cleanser. I use the skin polish twice a week. This is an exfoliating cream that has a sandy texture and this is brilliant for rejuvenating my skin and getting rid of the dry, dead skin cells without irritating my skin. Each morning I use the Embryolisse lait cream concentrate before I apply my makeup to give me a final boost of moisture.

Once/ twice a week
Once a week I use the Aveda hydrating mask after I have exfoliated my skin to give a boost of moisture back to my dry skin. I also love Eumocream each night before I go to bed in the winter as it really quenches my dry skin and I wake up feeling refreshed and hydrated. I did a full blog post about this beauty here. Sometime I use the Ole Henrikksen pure truth activating oil if I feel like I need a boost of moisture to the skin which is really lovely. I think I prefer this to the Kiels midnight recovery concentrate AND Estee Lauder advanced night repair.
For those pamper days
When I feel like pampering myself, I use the Charlotte Tilbury Goddess skin clay mask, when I use this it gives me such soft baby skin. I tend to use this whilst I go it the bath. I really like this mask because it doesn't dry which keeps your skin hydrated.

What do you currently love using? I would love to hear from you
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