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Saturday, 16 January 2016

Current wish list

2) Davina 5 week fit £11.70

Recently, I've found myself dreaming over various items that are catching my eye online. I think you can tell it's January with the amount of fitness things on this list. I would really like to try Davina's new fitness DVD and recipe book. I find Davina a real inspiration fitness wise. She has never done a DVD, got fat and then done another. She really believes in what she is doing. If any of you have tried either of these things, I would love to hear your thoughts. 
I also love these leggings from Varley on ASOS. They are very expensive for leggings but the marble print with mesh inserts is gorgeous. I may be purchasing these soon! I would also love some new workout trainers. All of my trainers are quite bulky to do inside fitness classes. I really like these Nike free fly knit running shoes as they are lightweight and almost feel like socks. What's better is you can customise them in any colour you like.
Lastly are two skincare items that I would really like to try. Charlotte Tilbury has brought out a night cream to go alongside her magic cream which I really like. The price tag of £100 is currently putting me right off though! Have you tried it? Or the Kate Somerville goat milk moisturiser? These are currently top of my beauty wish list.

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