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Saturday, 10 October 2015

The Charlotte Tilbury foundations: Which one should I choose for my skin?

Today I would like to share with you my thoughts on the magic foundation and the light wonder foundation. I have had the light wonder foundation for a long time now and I was desperate to try the magic foundation to see if I 
a) liked it b) preferred it c) didn't like it at all.

Which one should you choose for your skin?

Firstly I would like to tell you that my skin is quite dry and dehydrated on the cheek area with some redness. I don't suffer from acne/spots as such but I do find that foundations stick to dryer patches on my cheeks.
This is why I really liked the wonder glow foundation. I think it is similar to the burberry fresh glow/nars sheer glow. It is a light-medium coverage that remains dewy on the skin (even when I am having a dry skin day). It never stick to dry areas and is the perfect every day foundation. If I want to build up the glow, I will wear the wonder glow beauty flash primer underneath.

In this photo below I am ONLY wearing the foundation (i.e. no concealer, powder etc)

As you can see, the magic foundation does give a much fuller coverage. These are both in the shade 3 which is for fair to light skin with cool undertones (to counter act the redness). 

I do like to wear a fuller coverage foundation for special occasions/ nights out or when I need it to last a long time. The magic foundation was a lot matter than I was expecting. Charlotte tilbury says this is a semi-matte foundation but on my dry skin I would say this is matte. I like the coverage and the feel to this foundation. It smells like vanilla yoghurt and feels light on the skin which is quite surprising given its fuller coverage. I would say this is most similar to the Estee Lauder double wear but not as heavy on the skin. I did have some sticking to the dryer areas (you may be able to make this out on the photo) and for my personal taste it was a little too matte. I added some of the hourglass   incandescent light powder over the top to give me more of a glow. I love that you can find your foundation type and shade on the website and helps you to choose the right foundation suited to your imperfections e.g. acne/redness/large pores etc. 

In my opinion I would choose:

Light wonder foundation if you:
want a light- medium coverage
glowy skin
If your skin is dry/normal
If your skin isn't too troublesome
If you like Nars sheer glow/ Chanel vita-lumiere aqua/ burberry fresh glow

Magic foundation if you:
Don't have very dry skin
Have problem skin e.g. acne/scarring/redness
normal-oily skin
Like a matte finish
want your foundation to last all day
If you like Estee lauder double wear and want something a little less cakey

I hope you foundation this helpful

Thanks for reading





  1. This is the first decent non biased review i've read about these foundations! Thanks! :) x

    1. Thank you! Have you tried these? I still prefer the Light Wonder foundation, especially when my skin is dry xx


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