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Thursday, 3 September 2015

The Life Changing magic of tidying: Review, useful tips and the changes I have made after reading this book

Now there has been a lot of hype over this book and I have seen it crop up on quite a few blogs and youtube videos. At first I was quite sceptical. How can a book change your tidying habits? Will it actually be practical?

I did really enjoy reading this book and I have been meaning to have a bit clear out so this definitely prompted one.

These are are my favourite bits of the book that I have found really useful for tidying:
1) Tidy in categories not rooms. 
Items are often scattered all over your house and if you tidy up room by room you do not see the full extent of what you have. Rather than tidy your bedroom, tidy clothes or shoes etc.
2) Have a home for everything
Make sure everything has a place. Where do you put your handbag when you get in from work/school? Is it the same place? Things like this can soon build up and clutter up your house. Give everything a home and empty your handbag regularly!
3) Store items in drawers on their ends
It is so easy for you to keep piling your clothes on top of each other and before you know it, you never wear what is at the bottom of the pile. Fold your clothes to fit the drawer and stand them on end so you can see everything in your draws.
4) When you tidy/sort your clothes get them out of your wardrobe
When sorting/ clearing out your wardrobe, pull everything out. It allows you to see the quantity you have and then you have to touch everything and really look at what you have got. I threw so much more out this way rather than looking in your wardrobe and pulling a few things out.

I hope this gives you an insight into what this book is all about. Definitely worth a read if you need to sort out all of your belongings.

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