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Thursday, 19 February 2015

My coffee machine

I would like to share a review of my dolce gusto coffee machine today which has to be one of my favourite things that I own.

KRUPS Dolce Gusto Piccolo KP100640
(Currently £69.99 curry.co.uk but I picked my up for £44.99 in the sale)
I absolutely love this coffee machine and I enjoy having a coffee every morning before I go to work. There are over 30 varieties of pod to choose from, including espresso macchiato, cappuchino, lungo, mocha, chai tea, hot chocolate and more. Even if you are not a coffee fan there are plenty of other drinks to choose from. You can also use the lever to control the water temperature for pods that require cold water such as the Nesta peach and lemon iced tea. It is very easy to use and the water tank has a capacity large enough to make 2 drinks at a time. The pods are available at all supermarkets and are available at 3 boxes £10 in Asda (this works out at 21p a drink/ 42p drink for the milky drinks/hot chocolate capsules). All of the coffee/espressos work out very reasonable and the lattes/cappuchinos/hot chocolates work out a little more expensive as you need the coffee pod and the milk pod.

I also bought this bubble pod holder (£17.99, dolcegusto.co.uk) which holds 32 capsules and looks rather snazzy too!

I hope this review was helpful if you are thinking about getting a coffee machine


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