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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

A Review: The New limited edition Marc Jacobs the free spirit eyeshadow No.20 palette

For my birthday I was lucky enough to get some money which I instantly put toward this eye shadow palette that I have been swooning over for ages! It was a bit of a pain to get as here it the UK Marc Jacobs isn't easy to get hold of. I picked this up from Sephora online because I also wanted to redeem my free Nars lip pencils that I got in my birthday month.

This palette comes with 20 shades: 9 matte shades, 7 shimmers and 4 glittery shades. In this new limited edition palette there are 18 new shades.

I already own the Lolita palette and adore the Marc Jacobs eye shadows. The packaging is so sleek and high end, I think it is actually my favourite packaging out of my entire makeup collection.
This new palette does not disappoint. It is slightly deeper than the smaller palettes (Around 2cm) but it is still very slim with a small silver clasp on the edge. The best thing about the packaging is the size of the mirror, it takes up the entire lid on the inside! (The size of my hand) This would be perfect for travelling as you would not need to take another one with you.

Onto the shadows themselves. The shimmer/ glitter shades definitely have the best pigmentation and colour pay off. One swipe and they are buttery in texture with a lovely shimmer running through them. I like the mattes as well as they are not too chalky and don't fall down. The palette is divided into 4 rows inside:

Row 1

Eye Shadow in No. 1 (matte baby pink), No. 2 (matte warm nude), No. 3 (matte bisque), No. 4 (matte meringue), No. 5 (matte tawny apricot)

Row 2
No. 6 (icy lavender shimmer), No. 7 (pale gold shimmer), No. 8 (moss green shimmer), No. 9 (oyster gray shimmer), No. 10 (burnished gold shimmer)

Row 3

No. 11 (matte violet-gray), No. 12 (violet truffle shimmer), No. 13 (copper rose shimmer), No. 14 (matte slate-blue), No. 15 (ultraviolet glitter)

 Row 4
No. 16 (matte maroon-violet), No. 17 (black with iridescent glitter), No. 18 (cabernet glitter), No. 19 (midnight navy iridescent glitter), No. 20 (matte mahogany) 

I absolutely love this palette. There isn't one shadow that I would not wear in this palette. My absolute favourites have to be No.6 which is a beautiful lavender shimmer shade, No.8 which is a khaki/moss green and No.13 a copper rose gold shade.
It's a little pricey if you want to ship it to the UK but I'm so glad I bought this, happy birthday to me!

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  1. These colours look beautiful: I might have to pick it up!


  2. If you are a VIB with Sephora, there's a VIB 20% off code right now VIB20 so it makes it even more tempting! x

  3. Wow, this looks stunning! I hadn't even heard of this palette in the UK - now I really want it haha!



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