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Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Byron: The new Bunzilla burger

Last night I went to the preview evening of the Bunzilla burger from Byron. Now this burger is very different to what Byron usually produce, Bunzilla is a Japanese-inspired special. Inspired by their head chef Fred's recent trip to Japan, Bunzilla is a 6oz soy-glazed patty, topped with miso-roasted bacon and an onion ring for crunch and sweetness, plus a dab of wasabi mayonnaise, all atop a bed of shredded white cabbage, served in a classic squishy bun. Homemade Japanese-style pickles on the side instead of our classic sliced pickle are the finishing touch.

Obviously I had to have sides and chose the sweet potato fries which are delicious and onion rings to share. All washed down with their maple and salted popcorn milkshake- yum!

My thoughts.......
I really loved the idea of this burger, especially the miso roasted bacon which was delicious. I did find the wasabi mayonnaise over powering but there was a big dollop of it on the burger- maybe too much! I did enjoy this but I don't think it beats the traditional burgers from Byron or their limited edition Freddar Dawg which was my absolute favourite.
If you are a fan of wasabi and the traditional Japanese flavours this may be the burger for you but if you are a traditionalist I would probably give this a miss for the Byron or the double bacon cheese burger.
My verdict

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